What’s new in MobileNAV 10.0?

MobileNAV users, get ready to dive into the future as MobileNAV 10.0 hits the scene with a fresh new look and a slew of powerful features.
In this release, MobileNAV has undergone a complete UX redesign, which brings it into a modern look. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; there are exciting additions that promise to enhance your user experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in MobileNAV 10.0.

Fresh look: UI Redesign (Part 3)

MobileNAV 10.0 introduces a remarkable new visual identity. The UI redesign, executed in collaboration with an external UX team, marks a significant departure from the “classic look” of its predecessor.

Here’s what’s changed:

Say goodbye to the old colours and welcome a fresh and dynamic palette.

Icons play a pivotal role in user experience, and MobileNAV 10.0 unveils a set of sleek and modern icons.

The heart of MobileNAV gets a facelift with a more intuitive and pleasing design.

Both list and card views receive a makeover, offering a more user-friendly experience.

These essential UI elements are redesigned for enhanced functionality and style.

Embrace the power of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) icons for sharper visuals.

Don’t worry if you’re addicted to the classic look. You can choose to toggle between the modern and classic design, catering to your tastes.

OData v4 changes

MobileNAV 10.0 introduces a remarkable new visual identity. The UI redesign, executed in collaboration with an external UX team, marks a significant departure from the “classic look” of its predecessor.

Here’s what’s changed:

MobileNAV 10.0 introduces support for OData v4 to stay future-ready, expanding beyond the SOAP web service interface.
While the SOAP interface remains supported (with no imminent removal date), the demand for OData compatibility has been on the rise. Starting with MobileNAV addon version 10.0, you have the flexibility to use either SOAP or OData interface if you are on Business Central 21 or above.

Here’s how you can make the switch:


SystemID and SystemRowVersion standard fields should also be added to the config pages (not just the primary key fields). This step is done for MobileNAV base config pages.

To support the migration, we have created a helper function, which generates methods which needs to be added to the page code if you have custom function buttons on your new pages. 

This is generated based on your existing SOAP based configuration, so you can simple copy & paste the methods into the page object.



For reports, you need to create separate codeunit, because the report function parameters are different, but we have created a helper codeunit, which helps you in generating the report result

Unread Record Count

MobileNAV 10.0 introduces a nifty feature – the ability to display “unread” record counts in the main menu.
Configure it effortlessly by enabling the “Show Unread Record Count” checkbox on page settings. 

MobileNAV app will keep track of the read or unread records on the device side. 

  • You will have indication in the Main Menu, and in the Titlebar as well about the unread record count
  • You will have quick filter to show only unread records or all.
  • You will see indication on the list for each record whether it is read or unread
  • You will have action buttons to make a record read or unread
  • The record will be automatically set to read, if you open it (or execute a quick action on it)

PIN Login

Security-conscious users rejoice! 

MobileNAV 10.0 lets you assign a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for login configurations.
This is especially useful in shared device environments like warehouses, where multiple users access the same device with different login configurations.

Admins can enable or disable PIN generation company-wide through MobileNAV General Setup.


For added security, MobileNAV 10.0 allows you to lock and unlock your session swiftly.
Locking ensures your MobileNAV session is secure from prying eyes.
Unlocking is a breeze, and it doesn’t require a full login process, making it convenient and secure. Configure automatic locking if you’re not using MobileNAV for an extended period.

Auto Login

Resuming your MobileNAV experience is now faster and smoother. In MobileNAV 10.0, the app restores your last used login configuration with minimal hassle. If a PIN is defined, you’ll only need to enter it—no full login process or tedious “Authentication in progress” delay.

Barcode+RFID emulation

MobileNAV 10.0 introduces barcode and RFID scanner emulation. The “Developer mode” option in the barcode scanner mode allows you to define test barcodes for simulation—no need for a physical scanner.

Supported Language Mgmt.

MobileNAV 10.0 makes handling supported languages a breeze.
Enabling a language is all you need to do, and MobileNAV takes care of the rest.


This release not only has a sleek, modern design but also introduces powerful features and enhanced security options, making it a true game-changer for businesses. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade and elevate your mobile ERP experience to the next level!

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