Barcode Scanning with MobileNAV

MobileNAV provides endless possibilities if you need barcode scanning. We have listed the available solutions we have tried below. We also offered a few functional examples for every category. However, the list is far from complete. If you already have your device, search for the product in the FIND YOUR DEVICE segment, so you may be able to find it. Those are the devices we have already tested. If you can’t find your device, contact us so we can also try your specific device.


If you’re looking for a configuration guide, click here: 

Commercial smartphone / Tablet / PC with external readers

You can use any smartphonetabletor PC that supports Android, IOSor different Windows versions. Since these devices’ cameras are not optimized for barcode scanning, you will need an external reader connected to your phone/tablet / PC. 

Regarding the scanner, you have plenty of possibilities. Those options are listed below:

Socket Mobile as an external reader

We also support Socket Mobile devices. These are external barcode readers for Android and iOS. Small, holdable devices and attachable ones are also available in the market.

Example devices:

IOS cradle

For iPhone, we support the Linea Pro or Infinea products. 

These are cradles for iOS devices, so you will have “one” unit with barcode scanning enabled.

Example devices:

IOS icon

Barcode reading with keyboard emulation (HID) mode

Most built-in or external scanners support keyboard emulation mode, which means that when you scan a barcode, the barcode characters will be sent as you have just typed in via the keyboard.

MobileNAV supports keyboard emulation mode if none of the above options are suitable for your scanner. You must ensure keyboard emulation is enabled on your scanner and execute the keyboard emulation mode configuration wizard in MobileNAV.

Example devices:

Barcode - Mobilenav

Industrial computers with external scanners

The principle here is similar to commercial devices. You will need an industrial computer with an Android or Windows CE/Mobile/10 operation system to let you run MobileNAV on. Also, if your device doesn’t have an inbuilt scanner or you don’t want to use it, you will need to attach an external scanner. These aremost of the time, scanners with HID mode.

About the usage of HID scanners, you can read above.

Example devices:

Devices with built-in scanners

These devices can run MobileNAV on their own and have built-in scanners so that you can use them for barcode scanning without external readers. There are rugged versions, and some are not as durable but come at a lot more affordable price. It is up to you to choose depending on your usage. We have listed the most known manufacturers with some example devices to give you an idea of what to search for.
The usage of these devices may vari depending on the manufacturer. For the configuration guides check our tested devices or contact us.

Handheld scanners

Handheld scanners are a great choice if you want to use your MobileNAV in the warehouse.
his category includes vehicle-mounted computers as well.

Example devices:
Honeywell CT60
Honeywell CT40

Honeywell CN 51

Rugged mobile scanners

These mobile computers usually havebuilt-in laser barcode reader or imager, are ruggedized, and are running on Android with 2G, 3G, or 4G, BT, and RFID communication support.

The devices may contain GPS support for location services.

Example devices:

Find your device:

These are the devices we have tested during the last 10 years. If you have a different device and are curious about compatibility with MobileNAV, please get in touch with us so that we can also test your device.
The configuration of these devices may depend on the brand, so we have prepared separate configuration guides for each.  

Android based barcode readers


Joya Touch A6
Memor 1Memor
Memor 10
Memor 11
Skorpio X3
Skorpio X4
Skorpio X5


Dolphin 70e
Honeywell EDA60K
Dolphin 75e
Dolphin CT50
Dolphin CT60
ScanPal EDA50
ScanPal EDA70
Intermec CK3
Intermec CK3X
Intermec CN51 (recommended)
Intermec CK71
Honeywell Dolphin 6500
Honeywell THOR EN20.07CE


Unitech PA968II


Caribe PL-40L
Caribe PL-60

Built-in barcode scanner running on Windows CE


Casio DT-X8
Casio IT-300


Psion Teklogix WORKABOUT PRO C
Psion Teklogix Omnii XT15


Delfi Nova PM255

CHD Five

Advantech - dlog

Advantech-DLoG XMT 5

External readers (HID, IOS cradle, socket mobile)


If you have scanners that support HID scanning mode and can connect to your mobile device, you can go through the following steps to start using your scanner, regardless of the manufacturer.

To set up HID mode, follow these steps and scan the following barcodes:

Socket Mobile

Socket Mobile provides mobile and countertop barcode scanners and NFC readers/writers with native data capture, giving your app complete control of the device. Native support ensures every scan is fast, accurate, and error-free, providing highly productive data capture every time.
For every Socket Mobile device, you have to walk through the same configuration process: 

Series 7 – Colorful

CHS 7Ci – 1D Imager Barcode Scanner
CHS 7Mi – 1D Laser Barcode Scanner
CHS 7Qi – 2D / 1D Imager Barcode Scanner

Series 7 – Durable

CHS 7Di – 1D Imager Barcode Scanner
CHS 7Pi – 1D Laser Barcode Scanner
CHS 7Xi – 2D & 1D Imager Barcode Scanner

Series 800 – Attachable

SocketScan S800 1D Imager Barcode Scanner
SocketScan S850 1D/2D Imager Barcode Scanner

Series 700 – DuraScan

DuraScan D700 1D Barcode Scanner
DuraScan D730 1D Barcode Scanner
DuraScan D750 2D & 1D Barcode Scanner

Series 800 – DuraCase

Available for iPod Touch for 5th,6th, 7th generation, iPhone 6/7/8 & Plus, Samsung J2/J3, Samsung Galaxy S7

*The list of tested devices is constantly expanding…