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Configured for Field Service Activities

Total Control On Field Service Activities

MobileNAV For Service is a really outstanding solution for Field Service and Spare Part Logistics. Many automatic function prevents delay of delivery and chaos of inventory management.

GPS traking on map
MobileNAV For Service With GPS Tracking On Map
GPS Tracking And Map Integration

MobileNAV For Service Provides With GPS Tracking And Map Integration For Faster Fixing or Spare Delivery

MobileNAV For Service GPS Tracking Map Integration
Auto Online-Offline Modes
MobileNAV For Service Auto Online-Offline Modes
Adaptive Mode Switch
Between Online-Offline

Data loss or late delivery due To Lost Connection will Never Happen If you switch to MobileNAV

MobileNAV For Service Auto Online-Offline Mode
Sophisticated barcode-reading
MobileNAV For Service With Sophisticated Barcode Reading
Barcode Reading

No barcode, no device makes problem for MobileNAV, none you need to change

MobileNAV For Service Sophisticated Barcode Scanning
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Perfect Application For Online Service Management Anywhere

The application fully supports the on-site online and offline service, so all data can be recorded on site and important pieces of information will not be lost anymore. Under the Service category of the application’s main menu, the service person can access „My Service Tasks” sorted by due date or priority. Documenting the selected service task takes only a couple of minutes. After examining the disabled service item the service person can immediately fill in the fault code and the resolution code fields. The replacement item can be selected easily with the barcode or QR scanner, and the applied items can be effortlessly entered. At the end of the service process the working hours can be recorded with one click. The photo of the repaired result can be stored with the application. The completed service item worksheet can be previewed in PDF or Excel and printed format that the customer can approve on-site. If there is no printer nearby, the customer’s signature can be captured in digital format as well. The application also takes advantages of the features of the phone. It is possible to start calls and send emails directly from the application, and the integrated map helps you with planning the route.

MobileNAV For Service In Action

Watch the short video and learn how easy to accelerate field service with MobileNAV.

MobileNAV For Services In Action
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Preconfigured Modules

We designed MobileNAV to make service workfolws faster and more reliable. The preconfigured modules comply with the needs of general service activities. You don’t need to configure the entire application for your service workflows, but customize as you want.

Main Features and Benefits

We collected the most important features of MobileNAV for Service to compare to other mobile applications.

Automatic Online-Offline Mode Switching helps when you lost connection at the farest corner of the factory or deep down in a channel.

Sophisticated and reliable barcode scanning is supported on many device like phones, handy scanners, cradles for phone or with integrated cameras.

GPS Tracking with Map Integration provides with comfortable and pleasant work both in the office and on the road.

Service item worksheet preview and print in PDF and Excel format for electronic data distribution and document management.

Image capture makes the field-works easier when fast response is needed from remote service center for fixing on site.

Signature capture basically eliminates paperworks after installation or fixing. Customer can simply sign on an electronic device instead many paper slips.

MobileNAV can be easily customized for the specific conditions of your company. If your Business Central manages exceptional tasks or workflows, your MobileNAV will do the same.

The application utilizes the business logic of Business Central / NAV. It makes the integration of MobileNAV seamless.

Secured communication (NTLM, SSL) brings peace of mind for IT department. The security level of data distribution meets the higher cybersecurity standards.

MobileNAV utilizes the existing/built-in device capabilities (call, email, browser, map).

Download And Try On Your Phone / Tablet

Easy to say MobileNAV is a perfect choice for you, but we don’t satisfy saying phrases. We’d like to hear it from you. The easiest way to find out the truth is to try it out. Download and test yourself the compatible version of the latest release of MobileNAV.

MobileNAV For Other Applications

Look at how MobileNAV can be applied for other way. The many posibilities, features and add-ons bring freedom of configurability. Our solution is available for the next thoroghly preconfigured and fully customizable applications.

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