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MobileNAV Gives Many Alternates To Support Your Business

Out Of The Office, Many Tasks. Peace Of Mind.
For Sales

Salespeople can create their offer at the client’s place and after approval it can be easily converted into an order. Lost information can be no longer a question.

Urgent Action Needed On The Field
For Service

After examining the disabled service item the service person can immediately fill in the fault code and the resolution code fields. The replacement item can be selected easily with the barcode or QR scanner, and the applied items can be effortlessly entered.

Prudent To Boost Your Business
For Delivery

Transport tasks from gift delivery to spare part supply are easy as 1-2-3 with MobileNAV. At customer’s site your worker makes real time operations with a handy scanner or just using a smart phone.

Barcode Scanning, Label Printing On Your Devices
For Warehouse

MobileNAV allows your warehouse employees to perform their tasks on your mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete. Barcode reading registration eliminates errors and long administration.

High Pressure, Tight Deadlines
For Production

MobileNAV makes production workflows run seamlessly and reliable in any conditions. When factory workers reach the remotest corner MobileNAV switches between online and offline modes automatically to prevent data loss or late submission.

Complex Projects Need Strict Responsibility Management
For Project

Putting MobileNAV in application for project management makes profitable bussiness. The app navigates amongst functionalities of Business Central on your mobile devices.

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Think Of A Limitless Mobile Operation

The MobileNAV mobile application is available in several pre-configured versions. Nevertheless, it provides a great deal of use for Dynamics 365 Business Central users running mobile devices.

MobileNAV Is A Perfect Solution For
MobileNAV For Food Industry
Food Industry
MobileNAV For Livestock Breeding
Livestock Breeding
MobileNAV For Pizza Delivery
Pizza Delivery
MobileNAV Is A Perfect Solution For
MobileNAV For Construction
MobileNAV For Forestry
MObileNAV For Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance
MobileNAV Is A Perfect Solution For
MobileNAV For Power Engineering
Power Engineering
MobileNAV For Retailer Inventory & Logistics
Retailer Inventory & Logistics
MobilNAV For Car Assistance
Car Assistance
MobileNAV Is A Perfect Solution For
MobileNAV Flower Trading and Delivery
Flower Trading & Delivery
MobileNAV Fresh Food Delivery
Fresh Food Supply
MobileNAV Trouble shootings
Trouble shootings
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