For Warehouse

Make your WMS more efficient and less time consuming

Scan, print, track, pick, put, classify or let’s say manage your warehouse effectively with existing equipments and MobileNAV. Our application and its features accelerate warehousing and keep processes running in the right way only. It forces workers to follow the steps and avoid incorrect actions.

If your handy devices, such as configurable scanners and label printers, or your corporate phones are on the long list of compatible devices, then your warehouse processes will run lightning fast on MobileNAV. The list is really long, but if you don’t find your devices on it, don’t be scared, we or our local partner can help you in testing and customization.

Realtime Stock Information
Always Look On The Bright Side of Life - Cause You're Working In A Warehouse With MobileNAV.
Configurable Function Buttons
MobileNAV For Warehouse Makes The Whole Physical Item Handling Process Easier With Your Own Device
Sophisticated Barcode Reading
Barcode Reading Isn't Just A Simple Task, But MobileNAV Helps to Keep It Running The Fastest Way
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Keep Your Warehouse Under Control With MobileNAV

The application fully supports the warehousing workflow, which allows your warehouse employees to perform their tasks on mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete. Thanks to the state-of-the-art barcode reading registration, errors will totally disappear. 

The Inventory menu of the application allows you to track the items in your warehouse. You can access your up-to-date stock information (Bin Content, Serial No., Lot No., Expiration Date, etc.). You can start administering your Warehouse Put-aways and Warehouse Pick processes. You can handle both inbound and outbound processes (Warehouse Receipts/Shipments), as well as move the items with Transfer Orders or Warehouse Movements. With Barcode scanning devices your stock-taking process will be faster and easier.
You can access these functions in
offline mode as well in case there is no wireless or mobile broadband connection in the warehouse.

MobileNAV For Warehouse In Action

Watch the short video and learn how easy to simplify warehousing with MobileNAV.

Preconfigured Modules

We designed MobileNAV to make warehousing and logistics simplier and more accurate. The preconfigured modules comply with the needs of general warehouse activities. You don’t need to configure the entire application for your sales workflows, but customize as you want.

Warehouse Picks

Warehouse Put-aways

Warehouse Receives

Warehouse Shipments

Warehouse Movements

Transfer Orders

Item Reclass Journals

Physical Inventory Journals

Item Management

Barcode reading

Built-in barcode scanners, external barcode readers with SocketMobile and many more scanning equipments are ready to be used with MobileNAV.

Main features and benefits

Built-in barcode scanners, external barcode readers with SocketMobile and many more scanning equipments are ready to be used with MobileNAV.

Real Time Stock Information​

Basic And Advanced WMS Features

State-Of-The Art Item Tracking

Reliable And Sophisticated Barcode Reading

Configurable Function Buttons

Improving Efficiency And Replaces Paperworks

Easily Customizable For Specific Needs

Automatic Online-Offline Mode

Utilizing The Business Logic Of Business Central / NAV

Secure Communication (NTLM, SSL)

Direct Label Printing

Additional Functions On Demand

Download And Try On Your Phone / Tablet

Easy to say MobileNAV is a perfect choice for you, but we don’t satisfy saying phrases. We’d like to hear it from you. The easiest way to find out the truth is to try it out. Download and test yourself the compatible version of the latest release of MobileNAV.

MobileNAV For Other Applications

Look at how MobileNAV can be applied for other way. The many posibilities, features and add-ons bring freedom of configurability. Our solution is available for the next thoroghly preconfigured and fully customizable applications.