For Sales

Sell Smarter Anytime, Anywhere With MobileNAV Sales Solutions

The application fully supports the on-site online and offline sales, so all data can be recorded on site and important pieces of information will not be lost anymore.

Up-To-Date Information Anytime
Instant Orders Based On Current Inventory Could Never Be Simpler and Faster To Make Out On Field.
Professional, But Simple Layout
Fully customizable graphical user interface helps navigation on your business cases
Easy To Use Application
Intuitive User Interface Supports Sales Activities Avoiding Long and Bother some Waits Upfront Your Customer
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MobileNAV Is The Ultimate Mobile Solution For Sales Process

Salespeople can create their offer at the client’s place, and after approval, it can be easily converted into an order. Of course, instant orders can also be placed, and returns are handled by the system, too. To prepare an offer / an order / a return, the salesperson has to select the desired customer. By selecting the customer, the billing and shipping address fields are automatically filled out. The desired product(s) can be easily added to the list with the built-in barcode reader of the application. After selecting the product, the system displays the best price for the customer, and a discount can also be added.

The direct connection to the NAV server lets the salesperson view the customer’s balance and check the current inventory on-site. It is also possible to view and print the offer / the order / the return in PDF file format.

The customer’s signature can also be registered quickly with the MobileNAV application. Salespeople can handle not only the current offers/orders/returns but also the historical documents.

MobileNAV For Sales In Action

Watch the short video and learn how easy to boost sales with MobileNAV.

Preconfigured Modules

We designed MobileNAV to make sales processes easier and more effective. The preconfigured modules comply with the needs of general sales activities. You don’t need to configure the entire application for your sales workflows, but customize it as you want.

Contact Management

Sales Quotes Creation

Sales Order Creation

Posted Invoices

Posted Credit Memos

Customer Management

Item Management

Sales Return Order Creation

Posted shipments

Main Features And Benefits

We collected the most important features of MobileNAV for Sales to compare to other mobile applications.

Performance indicator icon

Improving efficiency of sales activities

Dark blue colored filter icon

Filter for
logged-in salesperson

Quote icon (Light blue)

Instant quotes
and order entry

Reduce paperwork icon (Dark blue)

Replacing paperwork

Phonebook icon (Light blue)

Phone book integration

Secured connection icon (Dark blue)

Secured communication

printing icon (Light blue)

Direct printing

Customization icon (Dark blue)

Easily customizable for specific needs

MIcrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central logo (Light blue)

Utilizing business logic of BC

signature capture icon

Signature capture

Barcode scanning icon (light blue)

Professional barcode scanning

GPS icon (Dark blue)

GPS tracking and map integration

report icon (light blue)

Reporting into PDF and Excel

Barcode reader icon (Dark blue)

Utilizing existing/built-in device capabilities

Capability icon (light blue)

Additional functions on demand

Download And Try On Your Phone / Tablet

Easy to say MobileNAV is a perfect choice for you, but we don’t satisfy saying phrases. We’d like to hear it from you. The easiest way to find out the truth is to try it out. Download and test yourself the compatible version of the latest release of MobileNAV.

MobileNAV For Other Applications

Look at how MobileNAV can be applied for other way. The many posibilities, features and add-ons bring freedom of configurability. 

We’re delighted to offer you our solution which is available with a range of preconfigured and easily customizable module.