The next exciting release has arrived – Mobilenav 7.0 seminar

Learn about MobileNAV's latest features and capabilities.

Tibor (Business Development Manager) and Bertalan (Partner Manager) provided a quick walk-through of our new developments in the MobileNAV 7.0 release recap session.


Table of contents what’s new in MobileNAV:


  • Option to integrate RFID reading function
  • Function buttons on Drill-Down List
  • Enforced Own filter
  • Connection Status Monitoring Timeout
  • Download Cacheable files in online mode
  • Configurable List Display Limit
  • Barcode: multiple results found
  • Automated tests
  • Advanced Barcode Scanning
  • Addon – Self-diagnostics
  • Addon – Import-export partial config
  • Reconnect on connection loss

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