Overview – What’s in?

What's In?

Let’s Start With An Overview

MobileNAV is THE ULTIMATE mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV (formerly Navision). It ensures online and offline work for typical out-of-office ERP activities, like sales, service and project management. Furthermore, it guarantees real-time tracking of your business, for example, in warehouse and production-related workflows. You can build up your own mobile application without the need of any mobile development knowledge. Each field and functionality is configurable inside NAV, so you can adopt custom modules and even specialized vertical solutions. Simply said, MobileNAV is a new user-interface for Dynamics NAV, optimized for smartphones and tablets. You can access your real-time data and functionality similarly to desktop clients. Offline capability allows to continue your work even without active network connection. MobileNAV offers native apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile/CE platforms, so the look-and-feel is far superior to browser-based or cross-platform solutions.

How MobileNAV Supports Your Business

MobileNAV utilizes the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV, but provides with freedom of mobility. How can a mobile application make a robust corporate ERP better? It’s very simple, we always put the latest technologies and features in.

See How It Works

The most of the mobile applications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV works the same way. As our solution provides you with many stunning features thanks to leading edge technologies applied, our application was developed a little differently. No, we haven’t found anything special, just apply the latest innovations

Barcode Reading
Handy scanner, Smart Phone, Cradle, HID?
Barcode Scanning

We’re proud to say MobileNAV shoots well. Basicaly it makes no sense to think about how to use it. With any kind of devices – used commonly in WMS and Logistics area – you can have all the scanning funcions of MobileNAV. Yep, even on your existing scanning device.

Urgent Action Needed On The Field

Time matters. Your customers deserve immediate response and lighting fast fixing or delivery on site, if you have a massive and strong backend system like Business Central. Servotion makes service faster.

Customized solution for your Warehouse

WMS can be easily customized for any specific needs of a logistics or warehousing company. Moreover MobileNAV makes faster workflows and brings real discipline for workers in duty. It leads workers along the whole work processes reliably and forces them to keep compulsory sequence.

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Popular Applications With MobileNAV

MobileNAV can be deployed for any application based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. However we preconfigered MobileNAV for a few general cases. The most marketable applications have already run on many devices and platforms all over the world. If you want to accelerate you own business, don’t hesitate to get more information about them.

For Sales & CRM

For Service & Delivery

For WMS & Logistics

Platforms For Seamless Integration

Compatibility is no longer a question. We designed MobileNAV for seamless integration applying any kind of handy or desktop input and output device. These operating systems are supported.

Non-Windows Platforms Supported

Use the MobileNAV application on your Android smart phone or tablet. Your BC or NAV functions are available on Android version 4.1 and higher.

Download a free MobileNAV trial to your Android smartphone or tablet from Google Play.


Use the MobileNAV application on your iPhone or iPad. Your BC or NAV functions are available on iOS version 8.0 and higher.

Download a free MobileNAV trial to your iPhone or iPad from App Store.


MobileNAV is now available on BlackBerry version 10.2 or later. This rigid platform offers high security for business users. On BlackBerry 10.3 you can simply search for MobileNAV in the built-in Amazon Store.

Download a free MobileNAV trial to your BlackBerry from Amazone Store.

Windows Platforms Supported

Use the MobileNAV application on your Windows phone. Your BC or NAV functions are available on on Windows Phone 7, 8 and 10.

Download a free MobileNAV trial to your Windows Phone.


Use the MobileNAV application on your Windows CE/Mobile device. Your BC or NAV functions are available on Windows CE 5.x, 6.x and 7x and Windows Mobile 6.x and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.x.

Download a free MobileNAV trial to your Windows CE/Mobile device.


Use the MobileNAV application on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 device.

Download a free MobileNAV trial to your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device

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Aspects Of Joy With MobileNAV

Business is business. But everything works well in a business, when everyone is satified. MobileNAV is such an application what makes happiness for both employees and owners of a company.

Slide 1
Benefits For The Management

Faster & smarter workflows
Cheaper operation
Role-based personalization
Trackable activities
Security and privacy

Benefits For The Operation

Professional complementary app for BC / NAV
Automatic Online/Offline mode
Platform and device independent
Future proof developments
Worldwide coverage

Benefits For The Field

Easy to use in any conditions
Intuitive user interface
Sofisticated barcode reading
Wide range of handheld input / output devices supported

For Curious Cats: Release 4.10, BC 15.0, SaaS licensing…

Not enough we wrote here? If you have time to learn more, watch our latest webinar. Don’t be scared, it takes only one and half hours. Enjoy.

MobileNAV: Release 4.10
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Where To Deploy MobileNAV

No doubt MobileNAV is a versatile application to help mobile people working on the fields, on the road or wherever they are. But we have special presets wraped in suites for separated rolls and activities like Sales, Field Service or Warehousing.

For Sales
Out Of The Office, Many Tasks. Peace Of Mind.
For Sales

Salespeople can create their offer at the client’s place and after approval it can be easily converted into an order. Lost information can be no longer a question.

For Service
Urgent Action Needed On The Field
For Service

After examining the disabled service item the service person can immediately fill in the fault code and the resolution code fields. The replacement item can be selected easily with the barcode or QR scanner, and the applied items can be effortlessly entered.

For Delivery
Professional Barcode & Touchscreen Technology
For Delivery

Delivery of gift, flower or any box labelled with barcodes runs better on MobileNAV. The process is totally trackable from the office. Even using a smartphone the courier fulfills faster, and the customer needs only to sign on touchscreen.

For Warehouse
Barcode Scanning, Label Printing On Your Devices
For Warehouse

MobileNAV allows your warehouse employees to perform their tasks on your mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete. Barcode reading registration eliminates errors and long administration.

For Production
Huge Projects, Tight Deadlines
For Production

MobileNAV makes production workflows run seamlessly and reliable in any conditions. When factory workers reach the remotest corner MobileNAV easily switches between online and offline modes automatically.

For Project
Complex Projects Need Strict Responsibility Management
For Project

Putting MobileNAV in application for project management makes profitable bussiness. The app navigates amongst functionalities of Business Central on your mobile devices.

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One of Our Messages Received from A Customer

Fortunately we have many nice and motivating messages received from our customers. Here we highlight one to show how a simple customer can take advantage of MobileNAV.

Mario DiPonio, CFO

“Thank you! This app is the state of the Art. Feed back from the reps are great. Real time data! To launch it was unbelievable.
When I first started 6 yrs ago with TEW I was not sure NAV was stable. Working with Western Computer to this day makes me feel reassured that anything is possible. Theory and mechanically.”