New features of MobileNAV 9.0

In the latest version of MobileNAV, we have continued the UI update that we started earlier. We have also added additional features you have requested, making it easier for both users and partners to work with the app.

We further explain these changes below. If you’re curious to see them in action, check out our recap release webinar.

MobileNAV 9.0 - What's in it?

UI redesign (part 2)

Our goal is to make MobileNAV more “modern”. This is a vast work, and we have split this work into multiple phases.

In this phase, we target the cards, the app colors, and the spacing.

Skins of MobileNAV

Would you like to customize the appearance of MobileNAV?

You can download four ready-to-use skins at the link below. After a simple import, you can already use your favorite skin.

Additional Code Fields

From version 9.0 you can define additional Code fields for a lookup relation, so when the user select a lookup record, then not just the configured Code field, but other fields are also “transported” to the card.

For example in the case of a Bin lookup, not just the Bin Code but the Zone Code can also be filled on the card during a lookup.

Additional_Code 1
Additional_Code 2

Auto Refresh On…

From version 9.0 you can use boolean flags on a parent to initiate an automatic card refresh whenever you change something on the “children”.

Previously you needed to use FieldControl.RefreshParent on the child code to have the parent refreshed. Now you can enable the “Auto Refresh Card on Child Update ” on the parent page’s configuration. The parent will be automatically refreshed whenever there is modification/creation/deletion on the child records. 

There are three new booleans (all of them have a meaningful name): 

  • Auto Refresh Card on Child Update
  • Auto Refresh List on Child Update
  • Auto Refresh List on Update
Auto Refresh on

Quick Boolean edit

From version 9.0 you can edit one boolean field value directly on the list. The app will show checkboxes for each list item, and the user can change its value without opening the card view.

Client app version information on Device Management

We have extended the Device Management view with the last known version of the MobileNAV app on the device.

App version
Log file size

Debug log level file size increased from 5 MB to 200 MB to let you send us the detailed log file during troubleshooting.

RegEx parse patterns

By upgrading to MobileNAV 9.0, you will be able to use parse patterns as part of your regular expressions to process data (e.g. extracting dates from barcodes). With RegEx parse patterns, you can define how a Date, Time, DateTime, or Decimal will look in four data. All that, without writing a single line of code.

Set Field/Menu position

From version 9.0, you can select multiple fields and use the “Set Position” to quickly move all selected fields into a particular position.

Previously you had to use the Move Field Up/Down to move a field up many times until the field got its proper position. You had to do this field by field. This new feature makes this process super easy.

Set Field Pos 1
Set Field Pos 2

Skip OnClose on record deletion

From version 9.0, you can set a boolean flag, which can skip the execution of the configured OnClose function in case the record has been deleted.

At the moment, if an OnClose function is defined, but as a result of a previous operation (modification or function button), the record got deleted, then it will throw an exception that the record does not exist anymore.


Skip OnClose
Group fields on card

The idea is to allow group fields on the card view.

You can insert a Group Start and End “virtual field” into the field order. You can move these group start and end, just like normal fields.

Group Fields 1

On the client app, the group is closed by default, and you can define “promoted” fields that you want to see on the group header.

Group Fields 4
Group Fields 5

The opened/closed state of the group will be remembered. Grouping was already available for menu items. Now we have upgraded to use groups start and end as well.

Group Fields 2