MobileNAV Release 5.0

The latest release to MobileNAV has arrived! Check out our newest Add-on improvements on version 5.0!


In May 2020, our ultimate solution, MobileNAV has released to 5.0 version. In the development of the new release, we took user feedback into account, from which many great and useful features have been added to the solution:


• Quick Action / Quick Edit on Lists

 You can promote one field as Quick Edit field to the list, and/or promote multiple functions to the list as Quick Action.



• Quantity Increase on repeated scanning

You can bind a barcodable field to a quantity field, and as a result the Quantity field will be increased every time, when you scan the same barcode.

• Print multiple labels at once

If you insert a special placeholder into the printing template, then MobileNAV app will enable the “Number of copies” field on the Printer settings dialog, and the user can specify the number of copies. 



• Send email with attachment

From version 5.0 you can send email with attachment from MobileNAV app.

• Configurable Report Functions

You can create your own custom Report Functionscodeunit, which can be selected on the Page Configuration for Reports. Using that function you are able to customize your reports for your needs.

• Sound on modification

From now on you can turn on or/off the successful sound, the error sound and the messagebox sound independently from each other.




• Hide “All” category from Main Menu

From this new version, the main menu pages appear in the Category, what you have specified in Main Menu Editor. They will only appear in an “Other” category, if you have not specified Category in the Main Menu Editor.    



Watch our webinar for in depth- information, or check it out the full release documentation on our partner portal.




02:00 4.10 release (recap)

06:03 Versioning change

06:52 New feature proposal by partners + voting

08:04 5.0 scope

09:37 Quick Action / Quick Edit on Lists

17:52 Quantity Increase on repeated scanning

23:00 Print multiple labels at once 

26:50 Other improvements

41:23 AL development