MobileNAV 8.0 release has arrived

We are excited to announce that MobileNAV 8.0 has arrived in October 2021.

Your feedback helped us create the functionality, so we are sure that you will find some exciting improvements on the list. As a result, the new MobileNAV release includes much-awaited new functions, such as calendar integration, UI re-design, etc.

Read our short summary about the features or take a quick look at the release webinar below:

What's new in MobileNAV 8.0?


We would like to give MobileNAv a more fresh look, so we decided to 

Given this project’s size, we have divided it into several phases:

We focus on lists in this phase and introduce new configuration entities like page style and font style. 

That lets you set up different page styles. The page style currently only emphasizes list properties. 

Instead of 2 lines, we will let you configure 6 cells for a list item. Each cell is capable of having a unique format and font style. 

A font style can be bold, italic, large, or small.


The “full-screen lists view” can be a practical feature for many of us.
With it, users can switch to full-screen mode and browse their tasks, a map, a catalog of items related to their products, etc.
The feature set can be selected automatically, but if you still can’t find it, you can change the settings under the “View” tab.


From the 8.0 version, you can create different tasks and appointments on an external calendar that comes from Business Central/NAV.

If you want to use this feature, all you have to do is
to configure two DateTime fields, and flag them by MobileType CalendarStart and CalendarEnd.


You can view the detailed setup of the function in our webinar from 32:39


To improve the RFID function, we have enhanced and highlighted it with three new built-in features:


  • We created a new status field (Failed) that shows all tags that failed for some reason during processing
  • We have developed an RFID status filter, with which you can turn on and off the visibility of the status of different tags
  • We created a summary interface


  • Login configuration from QR code
  • Quantity field min/max
  • Case insensitive search

Do you have a development idea that would improve the operation and functionality of MobileNAV?
Send us your ideas or vote for the existing development ideas you like!