MobileNAV 4.8 Release

New MobileNAV application is available!
Check out our latest improvements on version 4.8!

Great new features come with the new release of MobileNAV!

Auto online-offline

in Auto online-offline mode, MobileNAV app will work “online” if there is an active connection to the NAV server, and switch to “offline” mode, if there is no connection for some reason without user interruption. This is a quite complicated feature, and has many aspects:

How does it work?

The app continuously checking the connection to the NAV server, so that the app can switch between “online” and “offline” mode. If it is connected to the server, and all offline modifications have been successfully uploaded, then you don’t see any overlay icon near the MobileNAV icon. If you lose the connection, then you see a warning icon near to the MobileNAV icon, indicating that you cannot access online-only features at the moment.

More new functions

Printing Template and direct printing

From version 4.8, you can configure text-based printing templates with placeholders, and send the file to printers directly. With this new feature, you can create a ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) template, and print labels with portable or traditional label printers in the online and offline mode as well. Check the MobileNAV Settings -> Printer configuration, where you can set up multiple printers, and use them for label printing.

Advanced Profile Configuration

From this version, you have much more control over the MobileNAV configuration in the different profiles. Now you can define many things on the profile level, like Main menu layout, Information regarding “hierarchy” pages and you can use different flags for more detailed profile setup.

Configuration improvements

With Unified online-offline pages, you only have one page for Items, Customers, Sales orders… etc. And we also have offline capable pages, not only Sales and Service is prepared for offline mode, but marketing, warehouse, project, and manufacturing as well. Fur business purposes we have created separate profiles for online and offline usage. Most of the pages are prepared for Offline, but you can use it as online or offline as well with “Use as Online” flag. We totally redesigned the Ad-hoc Movement and the Shopping Cart. The Ad-hoc movement is also capable to move Items between Locations as well if the Source and Destination Location is not Directed. The new shopping Shopping Cart is also offline capable, and with it, you can access the selected Items as well as Create a Sales Order. Everything is in one place.


There are a lot more handful tiny improvements what is suggested to check in our detailed What’s New description on partner portal. Check it out!