Changes with MobileNAV version 10.0

MobileNAV 10.0 Release: Important Changes Impacting All O365 Users!

As you may have heard, we are preparing a new release that may bring some important changes for MobileNAV users.

End users who are using Office 365 authentication and seeing the protocol identifier “HTTP” in the Redirect URL field under the “Login Configuration Interface” need a configuration change to access the new, 10.0 version.


If you upgrade to MobileNAV 10.0 without executing the following changes, it may prevent you to log in. If using offline or auto online/offline mode that can result in data loss as well.

Follow the steps below to make sure, if you need to modify your MobileNAV settings to get the new release:

  1. Go to the MobileNAV login interface.
    Click on your account and choose the “Modify” icon
  2. When you arrive at the “Login config” site, check the authentication type of your user:
    • If you see “User/Pw” checked –> you are all set
    • If you see “O365” checked –> Check your Redirect URI:
      • If it starts with “HTTPS://” –> you are all set
      • If it starts with “HTTP://” –> you need to talk with your system administrator to modify your MobileNAV settings.
  3. If you are affected or not sure if your system needs any changes, please share the below guide with your MobileNAV administrator about how to complete the necessary modification in your system.

Please let your system admin know and forward our guide!​

If you’re spot “HTTP” in the Redirect URI field, your system administrator needs to make a setup change to access the new 10.0 version.

We made a document containing the settings, information and steps related to changes that must be performed if a user is affected.

The end-user’s administrators can create the modification in a few minutes. 
Before making the
suggested URI changes, please ensure users have saved all changes in MobileNAV!
Modifications made in the offline and auto-offline interface that have yet to be uploaded may be lost when updating MobileNAV 10.0 version!

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at