MobileNAV 4.6 Release

Light blue colored, abstract technology design with vector connection lines


Client app and Add-on improvements:

Background synchronization

Now you can turn on background synchronization in the MobileNAV Settings. This is very important new feature, since it allows you to work in offline mode without caring when your data can be uploaded to the server. The background synchronization will try to connect to the server periodically, and if you have connection, then it uploads your modifications and download the fresh data automatically. You don’t need to interrupt your offline work during the background synch, it runs silently, and it warns you, if there is problem what you need to resolve.

Brand new design

For this new release we have changed our design, our logo, and the default colors of the application. We don’t not want to break the existing look-and-feel for existing customers, so this “new design” comes with the new base configuration only. If you want to upgrade to this new design, you can find the new set of application and configuration icons in the latest base configuration package.

Configurable application icons

From this release we allow you to overwrite the application icons (which was not coming from the configuration in the earlier versions). Now in the General Setup, you will find actions to Export or Import the application icon set. You can find the “new design” icons in the latest installation package.

Import/Export all configuration icons

From this release we allow you to import and export all configuration icons in one go. You can find the “new design” icons in the latest installation package.

Login performance improvement

From this release we allow the configurator to decide when the cacheable offline pages should be checked and synchronized by the client application. For example, you can configure to check and download the Bins every once in a day, and during the day the login won’t check for changes in that table. You can configure this via setting the “Check for Changes Period (Hours)” to certain value, like 24, and with the “Initial Check for Changes (date & time)” you can also specify when that should happen. The “Type of Check for Changes” can be “By Client” or “By NAS”. This controls whether the check should be executed as part of the login process (By Client) or postponed to NAS (By NAS). In the latest base configuration most of the offline pages are set to 24 hours (once a day) by client, so the logins during the day will be much faster.

Enhanced FieldControl

We have further improved the feature set of the famous FieldControl feature which enables the configurator to change the card layout dynamically.

In the previous version, you could not really combine the commands, but now you can refresh the actual page, the parent or child page, and open a field for editing. Furthermore, we slightly changed the OpenCard behavior.

From now if you call OpenCard for the very same page you are standing right now, instead of opening the card next to the existing one, it will close the actual and open the desired one.

Faster on-boarding

Profile Configurator

In the previous version you need to create a Profile and assign that to Main Menu visible pages on the MobileNAV Page Configuration window for each page separately, and assign it to users on the MobileNAV User Setup window for each user separately. The brand new Profile Configurator allows you to do everything on one screen within seconds. The user interface will give you a nice overview on what the user will see on his Home screen in online and in offline mode, and give you the assigned user list on one screen. In Edit mode you can easily assign or unassign pages or users

Field Visible/Editable

The field’s Visible or Editable property primarily comes from the underlying page object, but now you can overrule that in the MobileNAV Configuration Page as well. E.g.: if you want to just hide certain fields from the base configuration, then you don’t need to modify the page object, you can also do this in the configuration directly. There is only one restriction: if the field is not Editable on the page, then you can’t make it Editable in the configuration of course, otherwise the web service would give you error on modification.

Field Category

We have introduced a new field level property called Field Category. We have defined a couple of pre-defined Field Categories:

  • Variant Code
  • Unit of Measure Code
  • Bin Code
  • Zone Code
  • Currency Code
  • Serial No.
  • Lot No.

The base configuration is shipped with this Field Category set across the configuration. In the General Setup you can easily set these Field Categories to Visible = False.

MobileNAV license as string

From 4.6 version you can import the MobileNAV license as string, so you don’t need to import the MobileNAV License codeunit anymore. For backward compatibility when you first run any MobileNAV screen, the Addon will try to migrate your MobileNAV License codeunit, and extract the license information from there. After the upgrade to 4.6 you can only change the MobileNAV license with the Device Management -> Change License

Device Management shows consumed licenses from ALL companies

From now you have combined view on the consumed MobileNAV licenses across the different companies you use within the same NAV database.

Base configuration improvements

Service Task improvements

Cancel button

Now the service technician can also cancel the task, and specify a Reason Code. Via pressing the button the depending whether it has been started already or not, will register the consumed hours so far for the technician, and set the status to Partly Serviced or Deferred.

Barcode field

Barcode field via scanning into the Barcode field, the system will create a new line with the scanned Item, and set the Quantity to 1. In case of existing Item, it just increases the Quantity. So the technician can simply scan all the used Items, and press Finish, and he is ready to go.

Ship-to Address

The service technician should travel to the Ship-to Address of the Service Order or of the Service Item, so the base configuration should also display this important information to the mobile user.

Item improvements

Item Cross Reference

In the latest 4.6 base configuration the Item Cross Reference is available as standard, so you can scan Cross Reference barcodes across the MobileNAV configuration, and you can use them for selecting or filtering for Items. You can also edit the Item Cross References on the Item card, and there is a smart “Add Cross Reference” field as well. If you scan into that field, automatically a new Item Cross Reference is created (if needed).


You can access the Item Variants from the Item Card, and you can specify the Variant Code as lookup across the base configuration (sales, purchase, warehouse, service, production, and job).

Posted Documents improvements


In previous versions, you could not see the posted document lines in MobileNAV base configuration, only if you pressed the Preview in PDF button, and checked the document in PDF. Now you can drill-down to the Lines as well, and MobileNAV will show the posted Sales Invoice/Sales Credit Memo/Sales Shipment/Sales Return Order lines as well in MobileNAV.