MobileNAV Release 5.0

The latest release to MobileNAV has arrived! Check out our newest Add-on improvements on version 5.0!   In May 2020, our ultimate solution, MobileNAV has released to 5.0 version. In the development...

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MobileNAV Release 4.9

Webinar - 9 April, 2019 by Tibor Major - MultiSoft Topics: MobileNAV on AL Extensions Assissted Setup Office 365 Authentication Simplified Login Screen Offline Date Recalculation "By Trigger" "Refresh After" and "Filter By Parent" Line Format...

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MobileNAV 4.7 Release

The latest version of MobileNAV has been released, which focuses on improving the Warehouse Management. The solution was exppanded with many long awaited features as Smart scanning, Workflow/Wizard behavior, Keyboard...

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MobileNAV 4.6 Release

Overview Client app and Add-on improvements: Background synchronization Now you can turn on background synchronization in the MobileNAV Settings. This is very important new feature, since it allows you to work in offline...

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