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Paperless warehousing, efficient field sales, optimized service processes

MobileNAV is a complex mobile solution that can be used for many business activities. It supports continuous and efficient work in many company areas like sales, field service, warehouse logistics, production, and project management. Here you can learn more about the functions related to the main fields of use.

You can also expand the functionality of MobileNAV. 

MobileNAV can also inherit the functionality of your NAV/BC. Thus, MobileNAV is capable of everything that Business Central/NAV systems are capable of. However, MobileNAV has its unique features specialized for mobile use. We made a selection of these functions broken down into fields of use. One can use the same features in each area differently so that you may see them multiple times on the list.

Why should you use it?

Auto online-offline capability

Choose the most suitable mode of operation, so you can continue your work even if you lose your internet connection.

Highly customizable

It is only up to you to discover the endless possibilities, MobileNAV can provide you.

Inherits your NAV/BC functionality

MobileNAV is capable of using any custom-made NAV/BC functionality you have in your system.

Futureproof solution

MobileNAV was one of the first mobile applications for NAV. Since that, we have released over 25 major versions to provide you with a high-end, futureproof solution.

Works on almost every device

MobileNAV has a native app for IOS, Android, and several Windows versions. That means it will support most of the available mobile devices on the market (including tablets, mobile phones, rugged devices, and handheld peripheries as well)

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How does it work?

There are three main elements of a functioning MobileNAV system (client add-on, mobile app and a mobile device). Learn more about the architecture here.

Client app

This app is connected to the user's NAV or Business Central, which allows the mobile app to reach the data of the ERP.

Mobile app

The mobile app is installed on a mobile device. This works as the user interface of the ERP system. It can also store data to make offline usage available.

Mobile device

You will also need at least one mobile device. It can be a regular cell phone, a rugged industrial mobile, or a tablet. It is also possible to connect handheld scanners and label printers via Bluetooth.
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This is what MobileNAV users said...

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Success stories with MobileNAV


“We found the solution in MultiSoft’s MobileNAV software, the services of which we perfected in the last year and a half, so today we can safely say that it satisfies all our needs”


“Since the introduction of MobileNAV, the work of the colleagues at the headquarters has become more effective, because employees at the customer service have more time to deal with daily cases.”

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